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World-leading, Patented Technology

Tendo offers a range of advanced flow sensors that are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding commercial and industrial applications.
tendo technologies


  • Accurate at low flows
  • Compact profile
  • Affordable
  • Easy digital integration
  • High environmental compatibility including viscous liquids
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the underlying technology behind Tendo flow sensors?

Tendo’s flow monitoring and dispensing technologies utilize both the patented elastic filament velocimetry technique as well as patent-pending thermally based operation.

What makes your flow sensors different from others on the market?

The unique mode of operation and novel semiconductor-basis of Tendo sensors makes them extremely versatile, with the ability to measure in any liquid or gas with the highest possible sensitivity.

What types of liquids and gases can your flow sensors measure?

All gases and all liquids.

What is the accuracy of your flow sensors?

The accuracy depends on the specific application, with real-world accuracies as high as ±1% in some situations. Please contact us to learn more about accuracy for your application. 

How do your flow sensors integrate with other systems?

Tendo’s sensors can be integrated seamlessly into most systems with high flexibility in both form factor and electrical requirements.

What is the price range of your flow sensors?

Specific pricing depends upon the application, but the semiconductor nature of Tendo’s sensors makes them unbeatable in price, especially at large volumes.

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